Why bother with the future?

Why not just indulge myself today and repeat that
performance as long as I last? Live fast, die young and
leave a good looking corpse?

First, indulging myself isn’t all that wonderful. Loafing
gets boring. Stuffing myself with good tasting foods and
drinks gets me a bloated stomach and tired body that
doesn’t work properly.

Sight seeing, travel, golf, fishing or other recreational
things are fun until I overdo them. After a week of
vacation I need a break from the vacation. Life without
something useful to do is not an attractive vision.

Second, I can’t afford to just indulge myself. I’ll run out
of money quickly and what then? Borrow until
bankruptcy? Move in with family members? Some
type of welfare can cover basics but indulging will be

Third, there is this little problem of self esteem. I can
claim to be superior and maybe convince others but I
won’t fool me. A person not forced by circumstances
who chooses to do nothing but play and consume is a

Tomorrow is the future. Looking forward to it and
enjoying life for as long as it lasts is a matter of honesty
and balance. The thoughts listed above are mine. What
about you? Have you found the path yet?

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