What do you really want?

The mind is like an unruly child. Left unsupervised it
will hop around to dozens of topics in just a few
minutes and run away giggling just because it feels like

Getting focused on important stuff rewards me with
results but isn’t automatic. If I wrote down all my
thoughts yesterday it might shock me to read it today.

Sixteen hours awake and one or two getting something
done? Thinking the same thoughts over and over again?
(I do that sometimes.) Spending hours with my mind on
the past? Daydreaming about the future? Both?

I heard the National Sales Manager of a huge
corporation say if he could just get the staff to
concentrate fifty percent of the time we would all be
rolling in money. Why is that so tough?

The answer is really focusing isn’t natural or
comfortable. It’s work, it’s tiring, it’s avoided.
Wandering and giggling are much more popular mind
activities and I can get away with it any time I wish.
One interesting truth is I’m just as tired at the end of an
unfocused, unproductive day but not as happy. You too?

Those who get mentally into accomplishing now, today
turn work into pleasure. Ever known someone who
has a beautiful house and yard because they work on it
every day? Someone who doesn’t make more money
than you but has accumulated much more? Someone
who is not smarter or more educated but gets more
results and promotions?

What do you really want? If you’re awake sixteen
hours today how many will you spend working on it?
More time focused brings results. Results bring pleasure.
My mind will wander to the past and future but if I am
aware of it I can gently take it by the hand and bring it

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