Worried? Think about this.

Searching for answers? Worried about where we’re
all going, the economy, the planet, safety, the children’s
future? You need a crystal ball? Maybe not.

Some folks you can consult for a fee have claimed to
see the future by crystal ball gazing, hypnotism,
chicken bones, cards, dreams, lines on your hand,
bumps on your head. I think my favorites are those
who use a zombie-like trance. There are also websites
out there now that predict the next hot trend and
gurus who know for sure,…. etc.

Anyway, if you need an accurate prediction your
search is over. I’m giving away this valuable
information free of charge. Knowing this will help you
stop worrying and see clearly what to do. Ready?

Existing businesses will hire, keep and promote those
willing to work hard and eager to learn. Those with
less of what’s in it for me and more of what can I do for

Those who can be trusted when out of sight and know
that the success of the company provides personal

Businesses new and old will prosper when operated by
those willing to work hard and eager to learn. Those
with less of what’s in it for me and more of what can I
do for the employees and customers.

Those whose honesty and fairness with employees and
customers shows through. Those flexible enough to
react quickly when change is needed and willing to
invest in the constant improvement of the business
and it’s people.

Fluctuations of the economy and good and evil in the
political spectrum will continue in spurts regardless
of the promises and predictions of leaders and experts.

We certainly have good competent leaders in politics,
labor, business, government and religion but not all.
Experts also vary greatly and the accuracy of their
predictions along with it. We frequently have experts
predicting the exact opposite of other experts.

Some leaders and experts will continue to enrich
themselves by making promises they can’t keep and
pie in the sky predictions. You can fool all of the people
some of the time ….you know the rest.

Fighting and wars over land, riches, power and
religious differences will continue in proportion to the
education and prosperity of the people. As those grow
and improve we get less blind following, more rational
thought and the trouble decreases.

People the world over will continue to strive for a
pleasant comfortable life and will find it when they
stop searching for Utopia or inheritance and look
inward. It’s been there all along.

These predictions are not based on the discovery of a
long lost secret. They are based on thousands of years
of human behavior that were never kept secret.

Our needs, desires, dreams and attitudes have been
the same all along. We’re striving for the same things
now as when we were hunting and gathering in loin
cloths. Food, water, shelter, safety and a relaxed
pleasant life.

No good fortune, great disaster, great achievement,
failure or any other event has changed those things.
None of the millions of inventions, improvements,
gadgets or systems have changed them.

Every group of people in every part of the world is
striving for food, water, shelter, safety and a relaxed
pleasant life. The chances of them changing now are
slim and none.

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