The truth about self help

Hundreds of suggestions on different topics are
available. After reading or hearing all those tips it
becomes a blur. Like an encyclopedia that goes on the
shelf for possible future reference and is occasionally
dusted after that.

Some cover one topic in depth with written instruction,
maybe audio or video on how to improve. Having a
better body, mind, relationships or business results
sounds good. The whole set takes longer to dust.

The point is helpful information does not change me. I
change me. It’s like searching for the right patch, pill,
e-cigarette or other gizmo to quit smoking. Those things
may help but I don’t quit until I make up my mind and

Self help books are a road map to a better place. They
tell you where it is and how to get there. Directions are
a waste of time until I decide to put one foot in front of
the other and start moving. Getting interested is nice
but the real fun comes when you get started.

Suggestion: Become aware of yourself first. Your
thoughts lead you to be angry, afraid, lustful, hungry,
you name it. Your body reacts to those things. When
you learn the step by step process of becoming angry,
hungry, etc. you start controlling it and can make
beautiful progress.

You don’t have to strip down and twist into a lotus
position, learn a different language or devote long
hours. A minute or two of quietly controlling your
thoughts done regularly gets you going. The habit
and positive results will follow.

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