Can’t I just stay in bed?

I didn’t like some days before they started. You know
the ones I mean. Circled on the calendar and when
they arrive I sit on the edge of the bed thinking gloomy
thoughts before forcing myself to get going.

It could have been business, social, personal or family.
Even vacation trips have sometimes been a source of
stress before they happened. I privately wished they
were over before they began.

When I read that real progress starts at the end of your
comfort zone it turned out to be one of those things that
stuck in my mind and started me thinking. Purposely
going from comfortable to uncomfortable? Wouldn’t
that make every day bad? Slowly the message became
clear. Duh….

I have settled into a comfortable routine. When
something interferes with it my thoughts automatically
nosedive. I feel negative about what isn’t part of my
safe well known pattern. A rut is a safe well known
pattern. Anything outside of my established habits is an
irritating interruption.

I decided to try being more flexible and open minded
because I didn’t like the mental picture of an old crabby
person. It wasn’t automatic, needed some practice but
brought some nice surprises.

  • Starting with a positive attitude makes life easier.
  • Different is interesting.
  • I enjoy activities and people that I didn’t think I would.
  • I can do things I didn’t think I could.
  • Focusing on handling today well causes good days.

My mother once said we become set in our ways. Our
minds closed to anything new. Flexible is better. Thanks

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