Mom washed my jeans, my life is over!

Have you seen the commercial? The kid is devastated
and the cool headed mother handles it nicely. I
remember the punch line but not the product. Was it
soap? A washing machine?

Unfortunately, silly over reactions are not limited to
kids. It doesn’t take much honest hindsight to dredge
up several instances over the years where I lost my

I remember throwing my golf club in anger because I
hit my ball in the pond. The club almost hit an innocent
guy standing nearby.

I yelled at a woman who rested a bag of groceries on
the hood of my car for a minute.

I waved a baseball bat at a couple who was letting their
leashed dogs poop on my lawn.

I got out of the car and threatened a toll collector
because he left me sitting for a minute or two while he
was doing other things.

I was lucky enough not to get anything worse from
those adult mistakes than being ashamed and
embarrassed but the lessons stick in my mind. Maturity
doesn’t come without learning.

Our lives are not over when the jeans get washed, the
golf shot goes into the pond or any one of the other
thousand possible irritations. The less time I spend
worked up over little things the sweeter life will be.

Maybe if I concentrate on today and keep repeating I’ll
string together a record breaking stretch of relaxed and
pleasant time. It won’t be perfect but better and better is

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