Two minute attention span?

Need things quick and simple because you’re rushed?
Too much to do and not enough time? Maybe you
should think about that.

Some say if I want people to read what I write give
them a short, snappy headline and an easy to
remember message in the first paragraph. They
probably will skip over or quickly scan farther than

My first thought was “I’m not writing for somebody
like that”. After thinking about it, I decided that is
certainly one person I’m writing for.

The problem with abbreviating for speed is very little
worthwhile is accomplished. A slogan to remember? An
inspirational phrase? They are available by the hundreds.
We read them, think they’re nice, and wonder what to
have for lunch.

Real changes for the better require understanding our
thoughts and their physical effects. Our thoughts can
trigger anger, fear, lust, you name it. Becoming aware
of them and our feelings teaches amazing things.

Forming the habit of being aware of now doesn’t cost
money, require a high level IQ, talent or athletic ability.
It takes discovery, practice and patience.

Invest some time. You can’t take it with you.

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