Five simple life lessons

Lesson 1. I don’t like painting but this room needs it.
Every day that I groan and put off the job it’s gloom
waiting for me. When I finally get my butt in gear,
focus on the task instead of the drudgery it moves
right through to completion in an afternoon. The
gloom is gone. Procrastinating feels bad, action feels

Lesson 2. Enjoyment starts in the process. Visualizing a
more pleasing room. Deciding which color. Even buying
the paint, brushes, masking tape, moving the furniture,
getting old clothes on. Seeing the improvement take place
is satisfying. Accomplishing goals turns work into

Lesson 3. Painting and fixing are nice but ideas cross
my mind about habits I would like to work on and I
forget them. Intentional changes make the difference
between progress and staying in a rut. Start carrying
a little note pad and something to write with.
(A short,
private physical reminder that is not mixed with
electronic clutter.)

Lesson 4. Notes plus money will get me a cup of coffee.
Form the habit of reading and acting on what I wrote.
Every evening? Saturday morning? Settle on a time
that works. Decide if each thing is worth doing and
either do it now, schedule it now or file it.

Lesson 5. I wish I had a buck for every time in my life I
had an opinion that changed. Fish doesn’t taste good,
classical music is boring, I don’t like so and so, business
success is luck, chess is for nerds. Thousands of things.
Keep your mind open. Growth requires change.

Some other opinions:

Ben Franklin said “When you’re finished changing,
you’re finished.”

Zig Ziglar said “Anything worth doing is worth doing
badly until you learn to do it well”.

General Patton said “A good plan used now is better
than a perfect one next week.”

Tony Robbins said “Change is inevitable, progress is

Keri Russell said “Sometimes the smallest decisions
change your life forever.”

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