Get past the thinking stage

Learning to hit a ball accurately is the key to success
in golf or tennis. To do that you study the proper
moves, do them in slow motion, develop a swing that
works and practice it.

Get balanced, move to the right distance from the ball,
point your racket at the back fence and swing through
to the front fence. Lift the club back to here, keep the
lead arm straight, hold your head still. Shift your weight,
turn your body, watch the ball till after you’ve hit it.
Grip the golf club or tennis racket this way, flex your
knees, etc.

That all works great till you are actually playing and
your shots go all over the place. The point of all those
thoughts is to learn a complete swing you can repeat
without thinking. One that just feels right. Something
automatic. Back, through, nice shot. Trying to remember
all those things while playing will drive you crazy.
Getting the whole thing reduced to one motion takes

Learning to automate what works well in daily life is
the same. We stumble along at the beginning getting
the wrong results and feeling bad about it. Like the
millions of golf and tennis players, some will seriously
study, practice and improve. They will enjoy life more
and more as improved habits just feel right.

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