It’s your time

“Time is at once the most valuable and the most
perishable of all our possessions.”
John Randolph

Valuable and perishable so use it now or lose it. We get
the idea but which time isn’t used? Sleeping? Watching
TV? How about just sitting and thinking? Is any time
really wasted? Maybe not but we can do a better job of

Time is a way to measure and keep track of things.  We
measured seasons because they affect our food supply.
We need to know what plants and animals do and
when they do it. We made time deadlines to head off
trouble. Prepare before winter or you won’t live through
it. Do the planting and harvesting on time or we don’t eat.

As our numbers and technology grew we organized and
branched off into specialized life but the pressures didn’t
change. Having to accomplish things by a certain time
starts in childhood regardless of your circumstances.

The constant time pressure can eventually lead to
mental and physical weariness. Seeing vacations and
retirement as the only relief adds pressure to save,
invest, be financially independent by a certain time so I
can escape the grind and relax.  Duh…….. time out!

Escaping the grind for a little while at the end of life is
OK but learning to relax and enjoy life, grind and all is

We can learn anything we really get interested in. How
interesting is that?

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