Handling a scary world

As wise people have said for thousands of years fear is
part of life. It is either programmed into us or we learn
it in infancy. We either deal with it or lose our chance
to enjoy.

Worry, anger, discontent, frustration and some health
problems can all start with fear. Not getting along with
others, bad attitude, poor job performance can be part
of the bundle. Life really gets better when we reduce

The first step is to become aware and take a look at
exactly what is scaring me. From the time when a
parent looked under my bed to see the monster there
have been fears popping up that turn out to be nothing.
Adult versions of that monster are everywhere. If my
monster turns out to be real I still need a plan and
starting now is better.

The reason looking for the monster works is action
occupies the mind. The mind is where fear lives. The
more I focus on doing something positive the less time
I will spend frightened and worried.

Whatever the problem is shining a light on it will
suggest what to do. I can start adjusting my attitude
right now and pay attention to the results. Little
successes go a long way toward improving life.

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