Change what?

Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by
change. One of those so-true things that gets framed
and hung on a wall. There are lots of others. Google
quotes and take your pick.

What I have noticed about inspirational quotes is that
hanging them on a wall and returning to business as
usual changes nothing except the appearance of the

Some things I can change to improve my life seem
obvious and easy. Organize my day, moderate my
eating and drinking, get more exercise, practice social
skills. Those actions show results right away. I can do
them one at a time or all together and get the rewards.
Look better, feel better, be more popular, get ahead in

What about changes for the future of mankind? Not
so obvious or easy. What can one individual do that
will make a difference? What’s in it for me?

Do I have to become some oddball who only walks or
rides his bicycle? No, but how about cutting back on
the miles you drive? Reducing that figure by ten or
twenty percent is within the mental capacity of a child
and can add lifetimes of benefit if enough of us join in.

I can hardly pay the bills now I can’t feed the hungry
too. OK, but we waste about half the food we buy. It
doesn’t take a genius to cut that back without reducing
intake. We could feed a small nation with what we
throw away.

What’s in it for me is self respect. Could be the most
important thing I own. It doesn’t get old and need
replacement. It let’s me sleep well with or without

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