About humans and nature

We are currently incapable of moving to or bringing
significant food and water from some other planet. If
we pollute the earth or outnumber our food supply we
will be reduced by nature to whatever number is

Nature shows no emotion. It does not love, hate or
differentiate between species. There is no reason to
believe that man won’t die off just as animals, birds,
fish, plants or insects do if environment changes or
food supply stops. We all operate under the same set
of rules.

So overpopulation and pollution will eventually cure
itself but the process is ugly. Working together to head
that off is a more intelligent option.  Problem is we don’t
want to give up what we are used to and comfortable

Burning fossil fuels is hurting us? You give up gas,
oil, coal consumption, we can’t. Population growing
out of control?
Cut the birth rate in your country,
we’re OK.  Clearing the forest is bad for the
You give it up, we need it. Etc………….

Technology is growing at unprecedented rates
because millions of people are working on it with
ever improving equipment. Most of the productive
research and development is aimed at making
money. That is fine because along with comfort and
entertainment we get health, nourishment and
environment improvements. It’s all profitable.

Those who make lots of money have bigger and
prettier shelters but are in the same group and
subject to the same rules as the rest. If there is not
enough clean water and food, money won’t save you
but until that happens it’s a good work incentive.

We can’t eat or drink a cell phone or electronic tablet
but maybe the easy world wide  communication will
help us see what is real and get us working together.
We get to know people on the other side of the world
and are amazed at how much we are alike.

We learn over and over that we can’t control others.
Whether it is two of us or millions we have to
communicate, accept differences, and come to
agreement if we wish to live in harmony. Shooting and
bombing leads to endless killing and hatred. Those
trapped in the cycle of escalating weaponry live in fear.
Down deep we all know that happiness lies in the other

Is it natural for us to kill each other over food and
water? Living creatures become fierce when survival
is at stake but we should be smart enough to avoid
doing it over politics. As we spend more time on
educating and producing the path becomes clearer.
The more we learn the less we fight.

As our numbers grow we must pay close attention to
intelligently handling food, water and environment.
If we keep track of basics we can accomplish great
things. If not, natural selection will get nasty.


In the end we are all in the same boat.
We will harmonize with nature one way or the other.
Now, not some day, is the intelligent time table.
I must decide and do it, not just convince you.
What can I do today?

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