Hair is a major industry

The good news is there will soon be more jobs in the
hair business than housing construction.

Millions of containers of fruit flavored shampoo,
conditioner, spray, gel products in hundreds of
thousands of stores worldwide. All of it has to be
manufactured, tested, labeled, bottled, boxed, shipped,
warehoused, counted, sold, paid for, taxed, advertised,
supervised, legalized.

The ripple effect is amazing. Buildings, machines,
vehicles all necessary to take care of our hair. Most
governments will eventually need committees on hair

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that more is spent
daily on coloring, curling, straightening, waving,
growing, thickening, wigs, toupee’s, extensions and
decorations than on health care.

There are TV ads every day, web sites, bill boards,
songs about hair. Hair stylists on every corner. We
aren’t born with this obsession, we’ve been
programmed since childhood. Styles are changing
regularly and we either keep up or are old fashioned.

Men and women crashing cars while primping in the
mirror and fruit flies following the odor of our hair is
a small price to pay for the benefits of this massive

We are comical aren’t we.

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