The sky is falling

Chicken Little taught us about jumping to conclusions
and causing panic when we were kids.  She decided the
sky was falling when an acorn fell on her head. Ever
notice how those lessons for little people keep popping
up no matter how big we get?

Do we ever outgrow the need to stay calm and figure
out what to do? Only in our dreams. Real and
imaginary troubles will never stop they just change

Hunger, pollution, war, relationships, health, finances,
politics? On any given day we may see one or a bunch
of them. Troubles or not there are opportunities to make
progress. Who is a better example to follow. Helen Keller?
Winston Churchill? Nelson Mandela? Thomas Edison?
Chicken Little? Pick somebody with an attitude you

Results may vary but the idea is healthy. Get the facts,
do what you can. If my effort today is a complete bust
I can figure out what to change tomorrow. It’s an
interesting habit that never gets boring.

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