Hide and seek

Sometimes I don’t really want to get out of the nice
warm bed. Sometimes I can hardly wait to get up and
get going. What makes the difference? What I know is
waiting for me.

I can’t eliminate the tough, uncomfortable stuff that
life brings but I can work out a plan of action to make
it better. What if I talk to (fill in the blank) or get some
information on (fill in the blank) or start doing (fill in
the blank) instead of….etc. As soon as I get my mind
off of how unlucky I am and onto what I can do
about it I can quit hiding under the covers. My whole
attitude is changed.

Seeking answers and improvements is a healthy
addiction. Each little success feeds my appetite for
more. I have more and more days in the can’t wait
to get going category. Seeking is much better than

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