You’re OK – or maybe not

Life is a three part journey. We are born, stay a while
and die. Parts one and three are simple. Here’s a brief
description of less simple part two.

Of the billions going through it a handful will be adored
and worshiped by all, a few hated and rejected by all
and ninety nine point nine percent somewhere between.
We shouldn’t have much trouble deciding which group
we’re in.

Moving ourselves higher on the love chart makes life
better. That doesn’t require exceptional intelligence,
beauty, athletic ability or luck. It doesn’t take back
breaking labor or long hours of study. So how is it done?

First – recognize that I can control only me. All other
people will act as they wish whether I like it or not.

Second – my behavior influences those around me.
Being friendly and accepting encourages a similar

Third – the vast majority prefer the company of friendly,
non threatening people.

Is that too tough? I didn’t think so.

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