Smart or dumb?

Genius level people can accomplish great things. Some
will paint, sculpt, invent, philosophize, etc. Some will
fail miserably or lapse into insanity. Ordinary non
genius folks do the same things.

The Mensa Society consists of people having achieved
an intelligence test score in the top two percent of the
general population. There are over one hundred
thousand members in one hundred countries. The
intelligence test score is all that is necessary to join.
We don’t know the percentage of members who have
no other notable accomplishment.

Tests measure my ability to learn and recall
information at will. I can train myself to do those
things. I can also train to achieve high scores on video
games, fix the plumbing, file income taxes, sell
hamburgers, cure cancer or build shopping centers.
I don’t have to get to the top two percent on anything
to be successful.

Is it possible to have no interests? Even if my goal is
to evade work I must learn how. That may be tougher
than law school.

I think smart is deciding on a path to my personal
version of success and traveling it. Dumb is being too
fearful to look.

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