Are we there yet?

The age of the earth has been computed by scientists
through physical study of rocks and minerals. Four
and a half billion years is about what they currently
come up with give or take one percent. One hundred
years is a longer than average human life these days.
It would take forty five million of them laid end to end
to equal the age of our rocks. (give or take one percent
of course)

Archeologists have found bones they believe are
modern humans that date back sixty thousand years
and human ancestors (don’t ask me the difference)
over four million years old. Recording history was
limited to stick figures on the cave walls until three
or four thousand years ago so lots of guessing is
necessary. There is much we don’t know and
probably never will.

Scholars studying earlier writings have estimated
that creation occurred anywhere from four thousand
to twenty two thousand years ago. This is complicated
because we were around a long time before we learned
to write and the writings were not necessarily preserved.
There may have been many more writers and writings
than we know about.

Studies have been going on for thousands of years now
about our heritage and whether we were created,
evolved or both. Predictions about the future of
mankind are also numerous. Mostly we guess what
will happen to us and our planet based on our actions.
Keep doing this and that will happen. Change and get a
different result. Our world may end due to natural
disaster but we can at least be sensible about our
habits and their effect on life until that happens.

Whether we get to the end tomorrow or billions of
years from then we should make the future as good as
we can during our watch. Now all we have to do is
agree on how to do that. Great. We can’t get two reality
show people to agree on what color socks to wear.
Aha……….. I see the problem.

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