Here is how it looks to me:

A large percentage of us feel strongly about God,
religion, creation versus evolution, soul, life after

Philosophers and scientists have investigated,
concluded, written and lectured for thousands of
years. They and their current counterparts continue
to disagree.

Most of us are privately in one of three groups.

1. Convinced God exists and the testaments are true
including creation. Have felt the presence of a higher
power, see order in the universe and will follow the
teachings as best I can.

2. Believe God is a myth probably invented to gain
wealth and power. See no order in the universe and
evolution as obviously how we got here. Admit
morality is necessary for survival but don’t feel it has
to come from a higher power.

3. Not sure. Still looking for something decisive. Maybe
I just haven’t looked in the right place. Maybe higher
powers exist and our science level is too low to relate.
Maybe they exist and don’t care about us. Maybe they
don’t exist.

I have read and heard that our soul-spirit-essence is
connected to and part of an infinite intelligence and
returns there when we die. I can’t argue with it but it
fails to explain the purpose of physical life.

I have read that God knows all, including the reasons
for life, so we just need to have faith and follow
instructions and I have read that there is no overall
planner or controller.

If we are an accident and are on our own then there is
no reason or purpose and looking for them is a waste
of time.

Creation versus evolution is hung up on a starting point.
We are here so we must have started somewhere. If
there was a big bang or one of the other scientific
theories is true we don’t know why or anything prior
to it. If God created us it explains our existence. Can
both things be true?

One thing that seems undeniable to me is that we lose
all our senses at death. Our bodies no longer function
and rapidly decompose. A person who no longer has
the use of a body can not see, hear, feel or speak as we
do now.

Some type of telepathy is the only form of
communication I can imagine after death. That seems
unlikely because without a functioning brain we are
known to have no thoughts or memory. Spiritual
existence won’t resemble life as we know it.

I am not aware of experiencing communication of any
kind with a dead person. Are you? Considering all the
millions who have gone before I think some would have
done it if possible. Maybe it has happened and I just
can’t recognize it.

Another thought is that we start life with no memories
or previous knowledge. A blank mental page. Babies
have to learn everything from scratch. If we have an
individual soul or spirit that is recycled it doesn’t come
with anything useful it learned before.

Maybe electronic human memory retention as
described in fiction is a reality somewhere beyond
our knowledge. If so it would jump start progress
while exposing all the ugliness that went with it.
Infants who know everything that came before?
Good? Bad? Both?

What we know about space and the universe shows
that we are insignificant in the overall picture. We see
millions of objects in space and have even visited one
or two but we are limited to our tiny perspective. Like
a group of microbes in a drop of water trying to
understand the dimensions of planet earth.

Imagine that our entire universe is contained in a drop
of water in somebody’s ocean. Imagine that locating
that drop and a powerful microscope would be
necessary to even see us. What if our drop is in some
type of test tube?

There are certainly microscopic life forms that we are
aware of. Why not massive life forms too vast,
advanced and complex for us to measure with our
puny instruments?

While we’re at it imagine a huge life form that needs
no body. A completely electronic individual? Live super
computer? Instant access to all information everywhere?

It could solve the communication problem and remove
all physical barriers. I don’t remember experiencing
electronic life but it might exist. Because I can’t do it or
recognize it doesn’t mean nobody can. What do you

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