Life is OK

Life is full of challenges. Between the day in
kindergarten when I dropped a box of crayons all over
the floor and my ninetieth birthday where I will spill
something all over the dinner table I will have
experienced most of the sadness, mistakes, hurts and
embarrassments the world has to offer. Some of it very
tough to deal with.

I’ve read that idealism precedes experience and
cynicism follows. Maybe sometimes but not always.
I’ve known people who never sour into old crabs even
though they have had terrible troubles. Others with
not nearly as much grief are the opposite. What makes
the difference? Attitude.

Attitude is a mental state. Actions of other people and
random events can affect me but do not control me.
How I act is how I decide to act.

Being a crabby cynic is an attractive idea to some and
I’ve often wondered why. Is it an attempt to feel superior?
You can’t fool me? I know how people are? Probably
somebody they knew and admired was like that.

I think the real lesson is don’t lie to yourself. If my life
isn’t good or moving toward good I should take an
honest look at my attitude (I have found the enemy and
it is me). If my outlook is holding me back I can change
it quickly. The rest of my time can be better.

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