If I start today ………..

Ah, but let’s think about that for a minute. This is
Friday night, I worked hard all week, I’m a little tired,
some of my favorite shows are on TV. I’ll take the
weekend off and recharge my battery. Start fresh next

I do want to change a few things. Lose a little weight,
get more exercise, start those study courses so I can get
ahead at work, get my finances under control. Less
than three weeks to Christmas, I don’t want to wait till
the last minute like last year. The holiday season is
always busy. Maybe January is better.

I’ll make a plan in January. Organize my time and take
care of each thing. Really get my life going in the right
direction. Good decision. Just knowing I’m going to
accomplish all that makes me feel better already. I’ll get
at it as soon as I get a chance, next month.

January sure is cold and gloomy around here. Puts
people in a bad mood. The monthly bills keep getting
bigger but my income doesn’t. Seems like I’m running
fast and getting nowhere. I need to get away from it all
for a few days. Find some sunshine and forget the
daily grind. Then I’ll get started and whip life into
shape. February is a good time to start.

Well another December is here. 2013 sure went by in
a hurry. I really would like to change a few things next
year. January would be a good time to start. Make 2014
better than 2013. I’ll get at it as soon as I get a chance.

(clue) Figure out what step one is and actually take it.
Planning to make a plan is an excuse to avoid the fear
and discomfort of change. It accomplishes nothing.
Take the plunge.

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