Miracle cure

Our medical community keeps conquering disease
after disease. The people in it are dedicated, working
hard and progressing. They achieve new and better
drugs, machines and procedures every year.

Lots of things that used to kill us are no longer a
threat. We have effective treatments for what was
disabling and surgeries to remove, repair or replace
most of our parts. People are living longer and staying
active years beyond what they expected when young.

This progress has been going on for many centuries.
We get bigger, stronger, more advanced physically and
will continue until the next big bang. That could be
millions of years. The average human could be ten or
twelve feet tall and live to be four hundred.

So are we headed for Utopia or just adding years of
tiring, frustrating struggle? The answer will be the
same as it is now. The same as it has been for as long
as we have existed.

Our size, living conditions and life span grow steadily.
Our ability to enjoy that life span remains the same.
Each individual either figures out how to relax and
deal with today’s fears and worries or not.

We can’t cure stress and we can’t hide from it. We
can only learn to deal with it. Pills and booze are like
hanging a curtain in front of my fears and pretending
they are gone. Then I risk having the pills and booze
become worse than the original problems. A real

The only effective relief comes when I identify what
scares me and face it calmly. The answer is between
my ears and no one can find it for me. Others can
suggest how but I must do it.

The miracle cure for a frustrating, weary unhappy
life is within us. It’s been demonstrated over and over.
We just need to apply it.

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