Being calm during the storm

Hurricane Sandy is coming. It’s moving up the coast
and should hit us later today. The Governor has
declared a state of emergency. Transportation is
closing down, preparations are  being made to protect
people and things as much as possible.

Some of us will leave the area either voluntarily or
under government order. Most will stay and take
whatever comes. Some have spent time and money
making improvements or buying insurance to
minimize or cover damage but most have not and it’s
too late now.

It’s a gamble either way. You can be thankful if your
actions saved your life or property. You can work hard
and spend money and lose everything anyway. You
can waste the effort if the storm doesn’t hit as
predicted.  What actually happens is not predictable.
You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Storms are not something we can control. Some say
we have more of them and more severe weather in
general because our selfish habits cause global
warming. Whether they are right or wrong we have
always been at the mercy of big overwhelming
events. There have been disasters laughing at our
puny defenses for as far back as we can know.

What we can control is us. Fear is unavoidable when
the winds are howling and tearing up structures. When
we’re being flooded or buried in snow, the electricity is
off, no phone, no heat we must deal with the stress. It
can be the difference between death and survival.

Some deep breaths and focus my thoughts. What can
I do this minute? What mental or physical action will
help. Think, decide, do. Danger passes more quickly and
less damage results when I’m not paralyzed by fear.

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