A habit is something I do over and over. An action that
becomes routine. Something I do without thinking
because no thought is required. So automatic I might
not even remember doing it or why I started doing it.

Everybody notices my habits whether they know me
or not. The way I walk, talk, dress, and most anything
else I do is public. People feel comfortable around me
or not based on how I look and act.

So what?

Life is a lot nicer and success is much more likely if
people like me and trust me. I can’t force those things
but I can form non threatening habits that build trust.
Acting in ways that make others comfortable gets
good results.

Some habits hurt me physically. Too much or too little
eating, drinking or exercise can cause pain and rob me
of energy. Does it make sense to keep hurting and being
tired? No. I can change habits any time I want to. Any
discomfort will fade.

Everything I do or say is caused by me. Nothing the
world has to offer makes me do or say anything. Life
becomes simpler as soon as I understand that. I am in
charge of me.

Improving my life is optional and so is thinking.

Steps that work for me are:

  • Study my daily habits
  • Decide what to improve and why.
  • Make a plan to change.
  • Trial and error to get it right.
  • Pay attention to results.

Thought first, then action. Tomorrow can be better
than yesterday.

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