If wishes were fishes

Thoughts on the way home from work.

“I wish life could be better.”

“Must be nice to really like going to work.”

“It would be great to make more money.”

“Well… that and feel better physically”

“Maybe lose some weight and be less tired.”

“Having more leisure time wouldn’t hurt either.”

“More time for friends and fun.”

“A better place to live and a nicer car sounds good. “

“I wish I was happier at home.”

“I guess I should leave well enough alone.”

“I hope it’s quiet so I can get a little nap.”

“If it’s not at least I can relax with a couple of drinks.” 

“I wonder what’s on TV?”

Is this somebody on the way to a better life?  

Could be with a little nudge.

Getting out of the rut can be beautiful.

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