The Story of You

Sometimes when it’s quiet a review of past years
starts running through my mind. The places I lived,
people I knew, things I did or didn’t do. How I felt about
myself and others.

I’m sure there is  a lot of detail I don’t remember and I
can only guess what others thought of me then but an
honest look back is well worth the time invested.

Who was I as a child? What kind of a teenager-young
adult? Where did I fit in during the middle age years?
Did I get better or worse? Which direction am I going
now? Why?

We’re all living a story every day. If that story was
written and made available to all some of our thoughts
and actions would make us proud and some would
embarrass us. We’ll never please everybody but we can
make progress. It’s never too late.

Improving means gaining more and more self respect
as we go along. Thinking, saying and doing less and less
that we are ashamed of. Making your story something
you would be happy to have others read.

Each day is a new chapter. Through success, failure,
good or bad luck, happiness or irritation with others
we are in charge of how we act. In order to sleep well
tonight make an honest effort to make today a source
of pride.

People will react today to the way you are today. Not
to the way you were yesterday. Keep it going in the
right direction.

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