Where do you go for help?

From the time we are born most of us are trying to
improve our lives. Little kids, older children, teenagers,
young adults, middle aged and elderly all have the
desire to be better in some area. Help in getting that
done can come from lots of places.

Children learn from parents, relatives, teachers,
neighbors, other kids and strangers. In today’s world
most of them are influenced by TV and internet too. As
we go through the years we get to know fellow workers,
bosses, customers, spouses and each is educational. We
see, hear and read things all our lives and learn if we
pay attention.

Great! Here I am an adult with all this accumulated
information and I’m unhappy. Advice on how to improve
life is all over the place. Who do I listen to?

Well, let’s think about that for a minute. What really are
the choices?

A Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor who specializes in
mental disorders. Qualified to treat your body and your
mind. A Psychologist is a scientist who specializes in
things such as the influence your mind has on
personality, behavior and relationships.

There is much more to these professions than I can
describe in a sentence or two. Let’s just say that the men
and women in psychiatry or psychology are thoroughly
educated and quite valuable. Especially if you’re nuts.

There are self help gurus, inspirational speakers and the
like doing books, videos, TV shows, internet and events
in sold out stadiums . Some are religious in nature, some
not. Many of these people develop massive income from
a massive following which is OK but the big production
show may or may not suit you.

There are professional counselors of various kinds who
may or may not have education in counseling. Keep in
mind that “professional” means you do it for a living.

There are people like me who offer advice based
primarily on experience and informal study. The only
higher education on behavior, relationships and people
skills that I had are from business schools and corporate
programs. How to manage people, how to sell things to
people, how to get the desired results. Call me an “Uncle
Ken” type. An older person giving out an information
mix gathered from many sources and carefully written
over a period of time.

The best decision process is first decide who you are.
Are you just mildly interested? Amusing yourself while
browsing? Then take what you can get free. Articles,
TV or internet shows, videos. If something helps god
bless you.

If you think about this all the time and are seriously
searching for some path to follow to an improved life
read or listen to three or four counselors,  gurus or
Uncle Kens. Without spending any money decide which
makes the most sense. Who tells you specific things
you’re confident you can do? Who is realistic about
goals and life?

Getting a road map and some reference points may be
all you need to start gaining on your goals. It certainly
has worked for others. Pick a teacher and give it an
honest effort. Invest small bucks if you see a good
reason for it.

Definitely go for the Psychiatrist or Psychologist if
you’re nuts.

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