Enjoy your life

We’re here. Going through this period of months and
years along with millions of others.

We didn’t choose the time, place or circumstances.
Had no choice of parents, size, sex, looks, brains or
skin color. All that stuff was decided by others. Either
on purpose or by accident. Can’t do a thing about it.

The start of this trip, including the growing up part,
was supervised by others. Most of us take charge
somewhere in the teenage years and become entirely
responsible for the rest of it.

Our attitude determines whether we enjoy the trip
and our habits are formed by whatever that attitude is.
Some of us decide early that life is mostly bad with a
few highlights and spend most of it piling up and
pointing to the awful proof. That’s especially easy
now when there is instant media coverage of every
nastiness in the world.

Do you like being around somebody whose message
is some variation of the world is ruined, life and people
are awful and there is no hope? It wears on me and I
choose to spend as little time as possible listening.

That attitude, whether mild or extreme, is like a
negative snowball rolling it’s owner downhill toward
unhappiness and depression. Luckily, our attitude is
in our control. I can change mine and you can change

Life, the world and it’s people are endlessly interesting
if I open my mind to it. One of the best things about it is
it’s constant change. The parade of new information
and experiences goes on and on. Once I fasten onto that
attitude every day becomes a good thing.

Routine troubles will always be there but so will the
enjoyment. Troubles and problems are like jigsaw
puzzles. Some have two pieces and some two hundred
or two thousand. There is mental and physical pleasure
and the feeling of accomplishment in solving them.

Staying interested is one of the keys to enjoying life.
It’s free and easy to do.

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