Christmas in July

Suggestions for a really good holiday season that
would work all year. We could make all seasons

  • Erase all family disagreements and have a get together.
  • Yell at no one. Speak softly and with love.
  • Make some cookies for someone who can’t bake them.
  • Remember to say thank you.
  • Help someone less fortunate.

Short on words but long on wisdom. Some things to
think about, but not too many.

  • Don’t mistake motion for action.
  • Sit by yourself if you have nothing nice to say.
  • Keep your temper. Nobody else wants it.
  • Two formulas for failure. Take advice from nobody.
    Take advice from everybody.
  • Doing your best eliminates all second guessing.
  • College helps people best who are willing to learn after

One last suggestion for today. If you look like your
drivers license picture, stay home. You’re too sick to

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