What is real about politics?

Politicians straddle the fence, keep their fingers
crossed, keep their fingers on the pulse of their
constituents, point with pride, look to the future, keep
both ears to the ground and think twice before
speaking. No wonder we’re in so much trouble.

Evidence from our ancestors leads me to believe that
politics have been around since long before we learned
to write. The reasons for this career choice don’t seem
to have changed much over the centuries.

Personal gains including power, wealth and fame are
one motivation. Another is the belief that current
leadership isn’t working and needs changing. Others
are talked into it by well meaning people or pressured
into it because they are the only logical choice…….etc.

Organized societies need full time leaders. Somebody
has to do it and we need to have an acceptable way to
pick those leaders. The good news for us folks limping
along as members of the great unwashed is that
political systems get that job done. Nobody has come
up with a perfect system but at least we have one.

More good news is that politics, like sports, makes
wonderful entertainment. It’s interesting to most of us
and causes endless speculating, talking, predicting,
arguing, jokes and fun.

Government is like business, labor and religion. We get
all kinds of people in it. Some smarter, some dumber,
some honest, some crooked, some hard working, some
lazy, some sincere and some con artists. Deciding which
are which isn’t easy but the more we study  the better
off we’ll be.

Let’s do our homework.

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