Filled with activity, never still, always doing something.

Maybe I’m a person who doesn’t like waiting? Feels
guilty unless accomplishing something? Has taken on
more responsibility than can be handled by one
person? Is so geared to constant activity that sitting
still isn’t an option?

Have I gotten to the point where I resent any inactivity
and anybody who is ever inactive? Squeeze in a few
more things before I go home? Take some things home
to accomplish before tomorrow? If I’m home it’s a home
life right?

Should I try to do everything fast? Move faster so I can
get more done in less time? Wash fast in the shower,
eat fast, walk fast when playing golf, talk fast at the
meeting, drive fast so I can get to the next thing on the
list? If I keep moving fast I’ll have more time to………
what? Rush through a night’s sleep?

Am I moving step by step toward a realistic goal or just
burning myself out? Do I really profit from this
perpetual motion or just spoil each activity and gain
nothing? Am I trading today for something better in the
future? When exactly does this something better arrive?

How about stopping to smell the flowers once in a
while? When was the last time I looked at the stars?
Played a game with the kids? Just sat and talked for a
while with my wife? Will my future be ruined if I
enjoy today?

What if I could learn to enjoy today while taking care
of responsibilities? What a beautiful, thought. Maybe
hurrying all the time isn’t as necessary as I thought. I
certainly feel better physically when calm. Tomorrow
let’s try one day of me being less rushed.

Maybe the start of something better is already here.
Busy relaxing? Relaxing while busy? I’ll figure out what
to call it later. Right now I’m busy looking forward to

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