Deep Breath and Smile

Slow down. Stop rushing mentally and physically.

The amazing thing about the simple effective thoughts
above is they speed me up.

Nonsense? Illogical? Slowing down can’t speed me up?
Not true. Concentrating on speed because there is too
much to do is tiring, causes mistakes, wrong turns, poor
judgement. Trying to concentrate on a whole list of
things is impossible and any time spent on it is wasted.

Since I can only really focus on one thing at a time my
personal choice is to decide what is most difficult,
concentrate only on that, and stick with it until it is
either completely finished or as far along as possible
before going on to the next.

The tasks get less difficult as I go along and the sense
of accomplishment encourages me. I end up getting
more done in a shorter time. Getting more done each
day leads to easier days.

The habit of approaching each day this way leads to
more time spent mentally and physically relaxed, more
stamina, better attitude, more self respect and success.
It’s like a snowball on it’s way to a finished snow

Once I prove to myself that it works the whole package
can be reduced to a trigger phrase. Deep breath and smile
is one I use because the mental picture is calming.

All of life will never be simple but proven habits that help
me deal with it can be. I’ll take all I can get.

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