Investments can pay off

If I had a special bank account where $1,440 was
deposited every morning and whatever I did not use
by midnight was lost. How would I handle it?

Maybe I would take out all of it, take care of daily
expenses and save or invest the rest. That could
quickly add up to a very nice nest egg. It would be fun
to work on that problem. I would think about it each
day, try different options, really get into it.

What about the 1,440 minutes I have every day? I
either use them or lose them and get another 1,440
tomorrow. How am I handling that? Do I know? Really?
Wouldn’t it be fun to work on that problem?

It isn’t rocket science to get the answer. A paper and
pencil or a pocket calculator and just a few moments
of thought can open my eyes. Some of my time is spent
on necessities and some is just thrown away.

What if I started using just a little more? Too tired? Too
much to do already? Can’t concentrate after working all
day? Staring at the TV for three or four hours is all I can

Have I really thought this through? What if I went to bed
an hour earlier at night and got up an hour earlier every
morning? What could I accomplish when fresh in the
morning? What time is wasted during the day? Can I use
a few minutes for something I really want to accomplish?

Why am I too tired to work on my own improvement?
Are my eating, drinking, sleeping habits in need of
repair? Is stress wearing me out mentally? How did I
arrive at this schedule and what changes would help?

One clue to the answer is I never think about how tired
I am or get stressed when doing something I really like.
Can I enjoy and look forward to working on myself?
Now that’s an interesting thought.

It shouldn’t take long to come up with some ideas. This
investment could be the best of all. Where did I put that
pencil and paper?

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