Pride – Helpful or Hurtful?

It’s kind of like the story of a well known politician
running for Governor. When he stood up to speak to
a crowd in a conservative rural area a local citizen
called out “Where do you stand on drinkin?” He
reportedly composed himself and answered in a firm

“Sir I’m glad you asked that. If you mean the cheerful,
friendly taking of a drink with family and friends on a
festive occasion, or the warming and relaxing drink at
the end of a long day of hard work then I’m for it. But
if you mean the selfish over use of that demon alcohol
that destroys health, family life and self respect then
I’m dead set against it and on that stand I will not

So where do I stand on pride? If you mean an undue
sense of one’s own superiority, undeserved self esteem
and arrogance then it’s hurtful. But if you mean a
proper sense of personal dignity and worth and
deserved self respect it’s a good thing. Great, I really
cleared that up.

The bottom line is simple. Am I proud of who I really
am? Do I pretend to be more perfect, more intelligent,
more honest, more anything than I really am and feel
embarrassed when people inevitably find out? Then
I’ve got some work to do.

If I am working hard on being a person I really like
then I don’t need any pretending. The closer I become
to being a person I’m proud of, whether alone or in a
crowd, the more I get into the deserved self respect

Gaining real self respect is a good thing. I’ll take all I
can achieve but it doesn’t come from anyone else.
There is no pretending in my mind. I have no secrets
from me.

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