Change Your Life by Changing Your Habits

The following is an article I wrote and published earlier
this year. Hope you enjoy it.

You have the power to change your life for the better.

Want more confidence? More efficiency? More
personal and business success?

Why not start right now? Got something more important
to do?

FIRST: Take an honest look at your habits. All of them.
Each week has 168 hours. You are doing something
during every one of them. How many are spent at work,
in bed, watching TV, etc.? Account for all your time.
Observe, take notes, don’t guess, get it right. Look
carefully at the importance of each activity and list
your findings. Food, water and shelter are necessities.
Everything else can be ranked from very important to
not really. You can see at this point which areas to
work on.

SECOND: You now should be looking at ninety five
percent of your life. Most of us spend the vast majority
of it at work, at home or traveling to and from. If you
can make those areas comfortable you’re well on the
way to living a relaxed and enjoyable life.

So which areas are fine and which need work? Pick the
first area to improve and write down a goal. If you hate
going to work write down why. What has to change to
improve it? How can you make that happen? Same if
you hate coming home. Change from “I hate it” to “Here
is my plan to improve it”.

THIRD: Take action. Get started. Try to change your

Being aware of what needs improvement and making
a plan to improve are a good start but change nothing
without action. I’ve read that it takes thirty days of
practice to really change a habit and some say ninety
or give some other figure. Who cares? I may be here
one more day or for many more years. Would I rather
spend it complaining or working toward getting better?

As you see a little progress you want more and become
more enthusiastic. Then how many days to reach your
first goal doesn’t matter. The effort helps you right from
the beginning. Would you like to be a person who is
enjoying today and looking forward to tomorrow? You
can be that person.

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