To Quit or Not to Quit?

“Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”. Another
phrase that’s really true but doesn’t tell the whole
story. Like “You can’t get finished if you don’t get
started” and “If you’re going to make a hundred sales
you first have to make one sale”. Good thoughts, but
by themselves don’t get me to the finish line.

Most things we would really like to accomplish take
time and effort. During that time life goes on and we
will be exposed to distractions, wrong turns, bad luck,
frustrations and tired bodies. Getting this firmly in
mind is step one. Get the mental army trained and

Actually going through the process of getting from
where I am now to where I want to be is an interesting
and enjoyable time if I can get around the setbacks
and keep my eyes on the prize. Think about looking
back at the successful journey and how good that will

Don’t quit when things go wrong and the whole trip
seems uphill. Keep going when your spirits are low
and your stress level is high. When you’d like to smile
but can’t quite do it. When you’re tired and frustrated
rest but don’t give up.

When you think you’re doing everything right but it
just doesn’t work try again. It’s sometimes just one
little change that makes all the difference. Look a little

Working through struggles is no fun but the only place
it’s written that success is easy is on one of those web
sites advertising get rich quick schemes. People I have
known who are looking for the magic doorway to
Utopia never seem to find it. Bad luck? Maybe, but it
just seems like bad planning to me. If I can’t find it on
the map it probably doesn’t exist.

My plan is to choose paths with doable steps. Big
achievements are a series of little achievements. I’ll
also try hard to remember a couple of things. The
landscape is littered with failures, some of them mine,
but the successful got up and tried again. Try to follow
that pattern.

When I’m hit the hardest and things seem the worst
success may be near. Some make it there, why not me?
If it’s really impossible OK but I won’t fail because I just
gave up.

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